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              Traction devices may cause cosmetic scuffing on tire when installed. This condition is unavoidable on certain tread
              types and tire designs.

              Wheels are also at risk of cosmetic scuffing with the use of traction devices. Wheels using low profile tires such as
              35, 40, 45 and 50 series tires are at higher risk due to the short height of the tire sidewall.

              Traction devices must hang down over the sidewall of the tire in order to stay on the tire while being used.

              Vehicle components (ABS sensors, brake lines, etc.) can be damaged if the traction device strikes the
              components. Pre-fit traction device before use and check clearance.

              Traction devices can break during the course of their normal and extreme service life. (If traction device breaks,
              remove immediately).

              Traveling at speeds faster than 30 MPH also increases the chance of component failure.

              Using traction devices with component failure is extremely unsafe and may cause loss of control or damage to the
              vehicle. (If traction device breaks, remove immediately.)

              Traction devices that have been broken should immediately be repaired or replaced.

              The use of traction devices are at the risk of the vehicle operator.

              Vehicle operators unwilling to accept the possible risks with the use of any traction device installed on their vehicle
              such as, but not limited to, accident, vehicle damage, tire damage or wheel damage, should not use any traction
              device on their vehicle.

              Under no circumstances will compensation for damage be considered by QCC where the
                      damage is found to have resulted from the misuse of any traction device.


         1.  DISCLAIMER OF WARRANTIES: The products listed in this catalog are warranted free from defects in workmanship and material for thirty (30) days from the date of delivery.
           No other express warranty is given and no affirmation of seller, by words or action, shall constitute a warranty.
         2.  The above warranty is made only to the dealer, retailer or other direct customer of Quality Chain Corp. (hereby referred to as QCC). QCC makes no warranty to the end user
           and prohibits the transfer of the warranty given above to its direct customer or to any subsequent purchaser, including but not limited to end user.
         3.  REMEDIES: The buyer’s sole remedy for breach of any warranty is limited exclusively to obtaining, at the discretion of the seller, either credit, repair or replacement of any product
           sold hereunder by QCC. Product shall be returned to seller’s plant, transportation prepaid within thirty (30) days after the delivery to a user and within ten (10) days of discovery
           of alleged defect. QCC inspection shall identify the presence of any defects. Buyer shall not be entitled to recover any incidental or consequential damages. No material shall be
           returned without written consent of the seller.
          TERMS: NET 30 DAYS.
          FREIGHT TERMS: Actual freight will be prepaid or allowed at lowest published tariff station-to-station rates on all shipments of 1000 pounds or more in one shipment to
          customer's regularly established place of business; Federal, State, County and Town Governments or Agencies; or to semi-wholesalers or large fleet operators. Shipments less than 1000 pounds
          will be shipped prepaid freight allowed or collect. On drop shipments, direct from factory or warehouse to dealer for customer's account, a service charge will be added to our net
          billing. Promptly inventory each shipment upon receipt. Misshipment claims must be submitted within 24 hours of receipt of shipment. Claims will not be considered
          unless an exception is noted on the Original Freight Bill.
          $18.00 per order.  A $6.00 handling fee will be applied to small package shipments (UPS, Fedex, USPS, etc.).
          Orders accepted will be subject to prices prevailing at time of shipment. Subject to change without notice.
          RETURN MERCHANDISE: No merchandise will be accepted without prior written authorization. All return merchandise must be shipped freight prepaid. Collect shipments
          will be refused. A 20% restock/handling charge will be deducted from the credit amount.
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